Monday, August 22, 2011

The Bunny Story and the Owl Story

"Once upon a time, there were three bunnies that lived in a burrow with their mommy and daddy. The burrow was made out of straw to keep the bunnies warm and fluff to keep the bunnies comfy when they went to sleep. Above the burrow was a big tree with a nest in it where three owls lived with their mommy and daddy. Their nest was made out of twigs and feathers to keep it soft and warm when the baby owls went to sleep. One day, the baby bunnies and the baby owls decided to go pick flowers. So the three baby bunnies ran out of the burrow, across the meadow, and into the flower field. Meanwhile, the baby owls flew out of the nest, across the meadow, and into their flower field. There were big flowers and small flowers, tall flowers and short flowers, red flowers and blue flowers, pink, purple, green, yellow, and there were even polka dotted flowers...."

This is my daughters favorite bedtime story that her mommy made up. She came down with her mom for a visit for two weeks and I get to tell it to her every night and sometimes when she takes a nap. Even though she's young, she remembers me and everything about me. She knows colors, names, body parts, animals, and numbers. She's really smart and courteous. If you offer something that she doesn't want, she lets out a petite "No, thank you!"

Cutest kid ever.


  1. That was an adorable story, I loved it! And true, your daughter is super cute!

  2. Shes adorable XD Its scary how quickly they pick things up! At least she's turning out to be quite the polite young madam

  3. There's a lot of flowers and bunnies in that story.