Wednesday, November 16, 2011

School, Socialization, Skyrim.

This week has been quite busy. I finally caught up in every one of my classes despite gaining a social status in the state. I had a total of two English essays, one EAM essay, three math assignments, and three French assignments with a fourth due next week. I managed to knock everything out within a couple of days with the help of this amazing study group I've been getting together with. I'm pretty sure I slipped up witht he English essays, but my professor isn't even worried about anything but the final. A whopping five-page persuasive that determines if we've passed his class or not.

Okay, I'm exaggerating, but he's pretty serious about it.

On another good note: SOCIAL LIFE. Finally, I've been getting out of the house and going places to meet real people instead of joining them on TeamSpeak. As much as I claim to love the solitude, I think my attitude was due to the fact that I had no social life, therefore creating a virtual one. Vicious cycle.

So far I'm liking the college experience and I'm trying to shed some of that influence to my friends. Some have the ambition, but lack the motivation. The others are too busy with other things like their careers and their families. Half of my friends have kids already. I think I started a trend. I'm pretty sure New Jersey is poison, at least it was for me. You can't see it until you get out of the state, which you have to pay to do by the way.

In other news, my buddy Mark has started a blog about the amazing game of Skyrim. It's called "Stories from Skyrim" and it features his character and dragon slaying horse named Golden-Hooves the Dragon Slayer. Pretty unique name, eh? His page can be found in the link below, so if you're into Skyrim, check out his stories.

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