Friday, June 22, 2012

Spending Time with Squishy

So my daughter is here for vacation and I couldn't be happier. I haven't had the time to upload and sort through all of the photos for this visit yet, so here's some of the ones I already had. She's a smart girl. And thankfully she's not as messy as last year. She can sleep by herself and is 100% potty trained. I love being a young dad for the simple fact that whenever I make a choice in life, I already have guidance. 

Selena Rose Dolente

So we have a few plans in mind. Today we're going to the library in Russellville to get her something to do at 7:00 in the morning instead of mash Play-Doh in the carpet. I have plenty of Zobomafoo episodes if all else fails. She enjoyed watching them with her daddy on the big screen :)

Tomorrow I have off from work, so I plan on taking a hike at Petit Jean State Park. They have loads of trails, including one that goes down to a waterfall, which we went to last year. There's also a petting zoo at the top of the mountain which Squish has been to every visit at least once.

More plans will come as the days go by. All I care about is enjoying the time I get with her :D

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