Sunday, October 23, 2011

Space Paintings

So I decided to try out spray paint art. I've seen it done in person and on YouTube, and it looks so cool, I just had to try it. Went to Walmart and bought some cheap cans of spray paint and poster board. I had a knife and old magazines to use for detail, and I also grabbed a sponge for tree leaves. I only bought black and white to see how I could do. Here is the result of attempt #3. The first two are okay, but I liked this one the best.

I did the moon(s) first, then the stars, then came down and did the mountain backdrop and foreground. Went in with the knife and added lightning, trees, and detail to the mountains including some grass. Then went back with the sponge and gave the trees some leaves and finished off with my signature :D

I found some blue and green in my garage, so I tried another using those. The planet on the left looks kinda like earth, but it's moon is green, so yeah.... Anyways, I ended up messing up the sunrays and had to put a mountain there to fix it, so here is the result of that one:

If any of you are interested in this sort of art, it's really easy to get in to. These are both done without ANY prior knowledge. Also it important to WEAR A SAFETY MASK WHEN USING SPRAY PAINT unless you like having it in your nose. I do right now. It sucks.