Sunday, October 2, 2011

Timeline of My Absence

To catch you all back up with my life, I will give a lightly detailed chronological order of what happened the day I lost my job. 

I was called into a meeting.
I went to the meeting at 8:00am (store hours are 10:00-8:00)
On the way home I get a ticket.
Later that day the same cop pulls my uncle over while I was in the car.
Lets him go.
School starts two days later.
Completely overwhelmed with school because it's brand new to me.
Sort of depressed that my job is closing since it's a nice store and I like the work.
Get over it eventually. 
Daughter leaves a week later and I'm in school, doing my thing.
Car breaks down. 
Fix car a few days later and find out it wasn't really fixed.
Get over that, too.
Go to an interview for this great job opportunity.
Find out the training is only available during the day when I have school.
They tell me to come back in October when they start night training. 
Since then I've been doing nothing. 

So now that you all know what has happened, you could see why I would be excited that October is here. I need some money in my pocket so I can send more for my daughter's preschool. Oh yeah, SHE STARTED PRESCHOOL :D

And she's not even three yet. I love being a dad :)


  1. "I love being a dad"

    Then you'll be happy :]

  2. I actually never went to pre-school as a kid. I guess my parents could have signed up for the headstart program, but I think my mom wanted to keep her babies at home a little longer

  3. I don't know yet if i would like being a Dad......Im only 16 years old

  4. Well I hope your job and car troubles fix themselves