Saturday, July 23, 2011


Checked my bank account this morning and I finally got my refund check from the school. Now I can order my books for the fall semester! I have a suggestion for all of you college kids out there.
You save hundreds on books by getting them used. Be sure to get workbooks or any other kind of book you need to write in brand new. You don't want someone elses work in your work, ya know? Also, try out. They let you rent books for the semester at a fraction of the cost of the book. Amazon was only a few extra dollars for my books, and I figured it was worth it to keep them all afterwards.

This will be my first full semester of college. I'm excited but worried I may not do as well as I want to. When I signed up I had Into to Biology, English Comp, Beginning German, College Algebra, and Bowling. Yes, bowling. I wanted the easiest PE course I could find and when I found out that bowling gave credits, I was all over it. So after talking with a few counselors and people I work with, I changed German to French. I want to learn another language, and I refuse to pay money to learn Spanish when I can do that by talking to Fernando. French is also the international business language, and it's an official language in three countries. Maybe more, but these are the ones I know about. I also dropped the biology class and got Emergency Management. It's one of my required classes for the degree I want. The counselor said people that work for FEMA take a lot of classes like this one.

So now with those switched around, my new schedule looks like this:
M W F     8:00-8:50 ENGL Composition I
M W F     9:00-9:50 MATH College Algebra
MTWR    10:00-10:50 FR Beginning French I
T R          11:00-11:50 Emergency Management
M W F    11:00-11:50 PE Bowling


  1. My sister told me to try for textbooks since I'm going to college as well.

    Pretty cool that you got your schedule fixed up and it doesn't look too long per day at all! Mine is all messed up and spaced out >=(, but I'll deal with it. Good luck with college! Keep us postged

  2. Amazon ship fast I like it.

  3. thanks for the advice I use amazon as well its just so much cheaper!!