Thursday, July 21, 2011

Searching For Something New

After countless years wasted on the social networking sites, I've decided that my opinion is only worth much to those willing to listen. So here I am, at 21 years of age, ready to begin my endeavor in the blogging world to see if there are people out there that are like minded. I have found a few people who may reach a certain cynicism on select topics, but with the creation of said social networking sites, those select few have just regurgitated punch lines from clever groups and pages. It's sad to think that no one can be original in the world any more.

Hey, I'm ranting. That's not what I came here to do. What did I come here to do? Ah, yes. To find others that are somewhat like me and maybe even relate to the events in my life. But where do I begin? How exactly do you tell someone your story?

When I was ten... No that's too far back.
When I was fifteen... Almost. I feel like I'd be missing some key points that drastically changed my thought process if I started here.

When I entered high school. Now this I can work with. High school is a common place to find drama, inspiration, and love. Now most kids in high school have this meter of angst that raises with each substantial event throughout their high school career. Someone didn't get enough hugs as a child. Someone was the victim of their parents divorce. Someone had their significant other go out with their best friend. It happens to all of us. The one thing I did notice as I started my college years is that it doesn't change. My observations have led me to believe that people never grow up, they just get smarter at being young, and when you look at it from this point of view, it's hard not to see it.

Think of it this way; a man in his late thirties walks up to an ice cream truck to buy himself a small vanilla cone to cool off in the summer weather. He's pushing 40 years old, but he's a little hot from the sun. Nothing wrong with that. He's got his nicest shoes on and his suit jacket is slung over his shoulder. This man, for sake of my distant point, is acting like a child. He may not have shown it, but when he heard the nostalgic sound of the ice cream truck's little tune as it crept down the street at a mere five miles per hour, he probably thought of running to his mom or dad and begging for a few quarters to get something. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

So back to what I was saying about high school. That cheating boyfriend of yours or that wretch of a best friend you now hate is all normal. We as adults are a bit condescending when it comes to our younger and less wise counterparts, but that's exactly what I mean by being smarter about being young. We lived through it, and now we get to make fun of others for living through it.

Now where does this leave me? Right here at the computer screen. My name is George. I'm a college student, a part time clothing store associate, and a father, and I will be sharing what goes on in my life, and occasionally giving a glimpse of my past.

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