Friday, July 22, 2011

Strange Dreams

I am one of those people that gets such strange dreams when I sleep. Last night I was in some sort of mental hospital that specialized in treating suicidal people, and was wrongfully there (at least I claimed to be in the dream). Now I'm nowhere near suicidal, but they didn't want me to have any sort of outside contact. No phones. No internet. No nothing. Where was my family? My friends?

After weeks went by, I started noticing this strange girl sitting across the room from me. She sat there every day and didn't talk to anyone. I mean, she was beautiful. I wondered if no one liked her or no one could see her or something. So I walked over and introduced myself. She was shy for a bit, but after we started talking I found out a lot about her. The reason she didn't talk to anyone is because she was blind, and no one was patient enough to guide her around the facility or walk her through the park outside. She said it was a hindrance because  she wasn't able to put faces to voices properly, so she asked if she could touch mine. I refused. I didn't want her to "see" me. I didn't want her to know what I looked like. She may say it's a bad thing, but I thought this was perfect.

There was an upside to being blind, she told me. She wasn't able to see the guards in their uniforms,  but she was able to hear them talk like normal human beings. She wasn't able to see the locked gates and the tall fences surrounding the facility. She was, however, able to hear things quite well, and she loved being outside. This is generally where we met up to talk.

Despite being in a relationship and missing my family, I was beginning to really fall for this girl. I didn't mind helping her to her room or getting her something to eat, and I could tell she appreciated it. I almost didn't want to get out of there...

But unfortunately, all dreams come to an end, and this one was no different. I never take my dreams literally, and I have no intention on ever finding such a girl. The dream was pretty symbolic to me though. Being such a large man, I never feel quite good enough for anyone, even for this dream girl.

So guys, ever have a dream you thought would be a cool idea for a movie or book?


  1. at this moment I don't remember a dream to share in a movie or something similar..
    So interesting your story!


  2. Why cant I have dreams like this?

  3. I haven't had any dreams for awhile now...

  4. man i always have these weird dreams that are funny scary and just plain amazing all in one package

  5. i have dreams, but most of the time i forget them, or i realise im dreaming and they fall apart. nothing good enough for a book though :(

  6. I've had plenty of those dreams, wrote some of them down.
    I kind of want to be a director some day.